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    Sharks are terrific and magnificent creatures. They should be treated with caution and care. They are the apex predators of the ocean and should be protected. Unfortunately, they are not well protected and they become more and more endangered everyday. People have to understand that sharks are not killing machines or man-eaters, and that they are part of nature's balance just like us. In the future we must make laws that prevent the slaughter of sharks. With out them the whole ocean food chain will be out of whack, and there will be an over population of certain species of fish. If people we educated enough about these creatures then they would have an understanding like I do. If you feel the same way that I do about these great predators, you can help. You can write your congressman, or other people in the government. You can join wildlife organizations, or shark tagging programs (I highly suggest shark tagging. If it's one fish that should be saved it is the shark.


Shark Facts

1. For every one person killed by a shark 10 million sharks were killed.

2. Sharks have a extremely acute sense of smell and can smell a drop of blood 1 mile away.

3. Sharks have no bones in their body, only cartilage.

4. There are over 350 different species of sharks and only 10 are considered deadly to man.

5. Sharks can sense electro-magnetic fields with a system called the ampullae of Lorenzini. 

6. An extinct species of shark called the Megladon was expected to grow 60 feet with teeth 6 in. long.

7. Sharks have been around before the dinosaurs.

8.Sharks range in size from 6 in to 40 feet.

9. The largest shark the whale shark which can reach a max. length of 40 feet and is totally harmless to man. It feeds on microscopic plankton.

10. The sharks closest relatives are skates and rays.


Tagging Programs

    Tagging is one of the best ways to conserve sharks. It also allows you recreation and fun at the same time (I know from first hand experience). It allows scientists to study and learn about sharks and ways to help. If you are a avid fisherman and wish to conserve the shark species, you should defiantly get involved.

An example of a shark tagging kit which you can send away for. (stick not included)


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